McCann Erickson

McCann is a company built on the power of Truth to transform brands and businesses.

We believe Truth is a catalyst for authentic ideas, powerful ideas that will be believed, embraced and advocated by people in their everyday lives. And these ideas are able to drive positive change in a brand’s relationships with its consumers and its employees.

As technology evolves and competition increases in today’s global economy, we find ourselves increasingly becoming innovation partners with our clients.

Helping them think through new ways to add value to people’s lives – from new product development to new technology platforms that provide real-time connection.  And even to new content models and business models.

Looking out at today’s complex and rapidly-shifting global advertising landscape, it is hard to envision that it all had to begin somewhere ― that ad agencies themselves had to be invented, as did worldwide agency networks, sophisticated practices such as integrated marketing communications, complex institutions such as communications holding companies, specialized units such as creative boutiques, and the like.

The century-long story of McCann Erickson is not just one of “we were there.”  Rather, it’s about the pivotal and innovative role we played in the creation and development of all of these above elements that define today’s global advertising industry.

The modern McCann Erickson is the result of a 1930 merger in New York between two early leading agencies, The H. K. McCann Company, which had opened its doors in 1912 with “Truth Well Told” as its enduring creative philosophy, and The Erickson Company, which had been founded in 1902. The two agency principals themselves were industry pioneers whose contributions encompassed establishing both the core general practices and ethical guidelines of the industry.  This included their roles in helping to launch the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

The McCann Erickson Worldwide network is one of the world’s largest and certainly the most integrated and coordinated global ad agency system. It launched on this collaborative worldwide trajectory early on, opening in Canada in 1915, in Europe in 1927, in Latin America in 1935, in Australia in 1959, and in Asia in 1960.

Along the way, it was McCann in the 1950s and early 1960s that introduced coordinated marketing communications, incorporating such areas as public relations and sales promotion; that created the first agency holding company when it established The Interpublic Group of Companies as its own parent to drive diversified expansion; and that spun off the first creative boutiques and specialized agencies in areas ranging from business-to-business to demographically targeted marketing focused on women.

From its origins in the early twentieth century through its expansive performance today, McCann Erickson has been known for its powerful impact on the business of its many leading clients through its many famous campaigns as well as on the advertising business at large.

McCann Worldgroup

McCann Erickson operates 180 offices in more than 120 countries and boasts a client roster that includes preeminent global marketers and many of the world’s most famous brands. The agency is a unit of McCann Worldgroup.

McCann Worldgroup delivers marketing solutions that transform brands and grow businesses. The company is comprised of a collaborative roster of best-in-class agencies that emphasize creativity, innovation, and performance, including McCann Erickson (the world’s largest advertising agency network); MRM (digital marketing/relationship management); Momentum (experiential marketing); McCann Health (professional/dtc communications); Craft Worldwide (global production); UM (media management); Weber Shandwick (public relations) and FutureBrand (consulting/design).